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"Ciao Bella! Hello Beautiful Pets!

I'm Nonne Patty. So pleased to meet you!"

Nonne ("Nanny") Patty cares for pets just like this adorable pup! You can be sure that Nonne Patty will be giving your pet the same care and respect she shows all of her pet pals!

Nonne Patty is knowledgeable in every aspect of pet care with over 300 hours of professional course study in the following Pet Care study courses:

  • Professional Pet Sitting

  • Become a Veterinary Assistant 1

  • Become a Veterinary Assistant 11; Canine Reproduction

  • Become a Veterinary Assistant 111; Practical Skills/Pet First Aid; provided by Dr. Jeffrey Grognet, DVM, a principal in the A.C.E. Academy for Canine Educators

  • Canine Massage: Approximately 200 hours of study in a comprenhensive course offered by the Ojai School of Canine Massage with a focus on "TTouch" Canine Massage.

Nonne Patty is a caring, conscientious, responsible and loving pet care professional committed to teaching the skills and techniques of Pet CPR, First Aid, Safety and Care, to improve the quality of pets' lives, one pet parent at a time! Nonne Patty has successfully completed the Pet Tech Instructor Training.


If you would like to learn Pet Tech PetSaver, Pet CPR and First Aid, Nonne Patty would be happy to certify you!

Nonne Patty is Pet Tech Instructor #2124, in Ventura County, CA

Please click on the link at and find my Instructor number and name under "Instructor Training" to register for classes, or contact Nonne Patty directly at

Pet Tech Instructor

Nonne Patty was trained by Thom Somes, The Pet Safety Guy

President, Pet Tech

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