Canine Spa Day

Can you possibly spoil your dog too much? (Nope!) Treat your dog to a little spa day at your house. 

You can include any of the following (a la carte or the whole package) to create your dog's customized spa day:
  • Bath

  • Brush

  • Nail trim

  • Flea treatment

  • Massage

  • Ear cleaning

  • Thorough brush out for shedding

Nonne Patty will come to you for a hands on, customized pet assessment for your dog's special day. Please call to make an appointment. 

Sometimes a massage is contraindicated for a dog. In most cases a massage is a welcome benefit for your dog in addition to good veterinary care. Please contact your veterinarian if there are health concerns. 

*The first 10 miles traveled are free of charge.