K-9 Party!

Nonne Patty says, "Let's party!" because you know your dog is a party animal!

Celebrate ANY special occasion for your dog.

Just because!

Celebrate ALL the milestones in your dog's happy life:

  • Welcome Home party!

  • Happy Birthday party!

  • Happy Graduation from Dog Training party!

  • Dog Appreciation Day party!

  • Dogs Have More Fun party!

  • Dog Days of Summer party!

We'll have lots of fun with games, toys, organic treats, party favors and more!

We'll make a personalized dog journal, doggy bag (a tote bag) a photo album, dog gone good bar soap, a shadow box for dog mementos, personalized dog greeting cards, and more! Learn to make organic, healthy dog treats. You pick the activities. Nonne Patty will bring everything you'll need!

And while we're at it: Let's learn some safety tips for your dog, too! What a great idea!

Nonne Patty will provide photos of all the fun! You can purchase your favorite photos printed on matte, glossy, or semi-glossy paper - beautifully framed, put on a mug, calendar, t-shirt or anything else to your liking.