Pet Tech Classes

Nonne Patty is pleased to be part of the Pet Tech family

"Improving the Quality of Pets' Lives, One Pet Parent at a Time."

Nonne Patty is a Pet Tech Instructor #2124. To find out more about Nonne Patty and the Pet Tech PetSaver Program, please click on the link at and find my instructor number and name under "Instructor Training" and register for classes today, or contact Nonne Patty directly at

Pet Tech classes are taught by lecture, demonstration and hands-on skills practice.

Some of the topics include:

  • CPR

  • Rescue Breathing

  • Muzzling and Restraint

  • Choking Management

  • Bleeding Protocols

  • Shock Management

  • Heat and Cold Injuries

  • Poisoning

  • Pet Tech Snout-to-Tail Assessments

  • Dental Care

  • Senior Care and more!

If you are a pet parent or a pet care professional, knowing the skills and techniques of Pet CPR, First Aid and Care is the foundation of every Pet Emergency Preparedness Plan. Being trained and current just makes sense, because of the active and mobile lifestyle we enjoy with our dogs and cats.

Certificate provided upon completion. For more information on the Pet Tech classes, click on the link

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