Pet Care Services

(Appointments and services are at your location)


Available any day of the week, weekends, and holidays. Hourly visits or overnight, too.

Dog Sitting

Dog sitting by the hour, care and feeding, fresh water, administering medications (including injections) if required.

Dog Walking

Walking, exercise, and play! Nonne Patty will visit your dog one to four times daily as needed.

Canine Massage

Nonne Patty has a specialized touch and will give your dog a much needed canine massage. Bathing and combing also provided.

Gift Baskets for Canines

Special Delivery! Gift baskets for dogs! Send a special gift basket to a friend who would appreciate it for their dog. Give your new pup a happy welcome home gift basket filled with everything you'll need to keep your pet happy!

Shop for Your Dog

Nonne Patty's Motto:  "Shop 'til you drop!"  Give her your list and she'll be checking it twice!

Pet Tech Classes

Nonne Patty is a Pet Tech Instructor in PetSaver, Pet CPR, First Aid & Care. Register for the Pet Saver Program now. The pet you save may be your own!

Pooper Scooper Pick-up

Schedule your Pooper Scooper Pick-up and Disposal of your dog's waste. Available on a multiple day basis per week or on a bi-monthly basis.


Your dog's own private chauffeur to your veterinarian, dog groomer, or a day at the spa!

For All Other Pets

(Cats and Other Friends)

Is your dog friends with a cat? Nonne Patty loves cats! Actually, the more pets in the home the better! One big happy family!

If you have a cat, or any other 'furry' friends in your home, Nonne Patty is available to provide the very best of pet care to these pet pals, too! Nonne Patty always says, "The more the merrier!"

Pet care for your other friends may include feeding, fresh water, changing cages for bunnies, rats, mice and more!

Got fish? Got reptiles? Got birds? No problem for Nonne Patty!

Nonne Patty will make a special trip to the pet store to pick up brine shrimp, crickets, worms or (frozen please!) mice for that 'finicky' eater!